Artist Development Programme

The LP Artist Development Programme provides aspiring singers/singer-songwriters with the knowledge base they need to be able to get started in the industry and maintain a strong understanding of not only the industry itself, but how to move forward within it at a steady pace.

Our unique development programme delivers a step by step guide covering the top most useful areas that an artist needs to be able to understand to move forward successfully. All the advice given is from almost 20 years worth of experience in the industry that we wish to pass on to singers/singer-songwriters who are unsure about where to start. This is a perfect package which provides all the essentials and more!

The course includes a booklet with small, beneficial tasks to complete along with guidance videos covering some of the most useful points to begin your journey as an artist. You will receive continuous 1:1 guidance and support throughout your time doing the course.

Suitable for 12yrs+